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Services Provided

Exterior and interior window cleaning

We provide professional and prompt window cleaning to Cincinnati home owners and businesses. We clean everything from the small storefront to large building complexes, local pubs and restaurants, as well as residential homes. No matter what size or type of window, we clean any and all types of glass. When cleaning from the interior side, the only evidence left will be sparkling, shiny windows. We remove our shoes and lay a floor covering under each window before the cleaning process begins. The window sill and track are given a courtesy wipe. Screen washing is also available by request.

Pressure washing, sealing and staining

We pressure wash decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, all types of siding and exterior surfaces. It is recommended that your wood deck be cleaned, stained and sealed every 3 - 5 years to protect it and ensure lasting beauty. We provide color catalogs for your stain selection options. We also seal concrete surfaces. Nothing instills pride in your home more than making the outside look like new!

Gutter cleaning

It is a dirty job, but we don't mind! When cleaning your gutters we will bag and remove that messy junk, and even take it with us when we go. The downspouts are flushed if needed to ensure years of life. Let us help you protect your roof and foundation.

Chandelier, coach light and post light cleaning

You will be amazed at how cleaning your chandelier, coach and post lights will improve the appearance of your home. Chances are you have forgotten the crystal clear beauty that can come from those hard-to-clean fixtures. Let us restore them to their original luster.

Awning cleaning

We will clean fabric or plastic awnings. Your awnings will look better and last longer when cleaned and protected with our professional products and expertise.